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I have been with Tutor Doctor for 4 years now. Kofi has been my Math tutor for 3 of those 4 years. He is amazing and is the best tutor I have ever had. He really makes sure I understand the material and always goes out of his way to help me when I need it. Without Kofi I don’t think i would be at the math level that I am at now. Thank you Tutor Doctor!Liana M.


Searching for an in-home Math tutor you can trust?

Tutor Doctor offers a variety of math tutoring services at varying experience and grade levels.

At Tutor Doctor we know that gaining fundamental math skills early on will help your student throughout his or her life. Our tutors help overcome roadblocks that prevent students from following classroom discussions and learning along with the class. The math skills learned early in a child’s schooling serve as the foundation for more complex math in high school and beyond. If even the smallest piece of knowledge is missed, the results down the road can be very frustrating.

You can trust Tutor Doctor to help make math easier to understand and get your student back on track. Our approach works within the student’s own homework and curriculum, plus we use our time together to rebuild any missing pieces that may have occurred along the way.

While our students come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, our tutors are all highly trained professionals who will ensure that your skills and understanding grows.

Call Tutor Doctor for effective and affordable tutoring in any math subject, including:

Advanced Functions


Algebra 1

Algebra 2



Elementary School Math

Middle School Math






Graphing Calculator

Integrated Math

Linear Algebra



Does your child need math tutoring?

If your student lacks confidence or struggles with their homework, if their grades are dropping and they homework is a daily struggle, they may need math tutoring. We help to assess your child’s level and their unique needs with a free consultation by an education consultant.

Once we know what your child’s unique needs are, we create a personalized program and an Academic Game Plan for them to achieve their goals.

Not only will your child enjoy the individual attention of their own tutor, but they will also have access to our Tutor Doctor 24/7 program which is an online program following the local Curriculum. Your child can access thousands of notes, tests and worksheets so they can learn anywhere, anytime.

Start Excelling in Mathematics – call us to get started or request a Free Assessment and Evaluation today!


Before discovering Tutor Doctor through the Internet, my individual efforts to find the right tutor for my daughter failed. Tutor Doctor has a wide array of talented tutors that are certified in Common Core and help at every level of a child’s learning challenges. Tutor Doctor knows how to find the right tutor for your child or teen. They’ve never missed a beat. We Iove our tutor Shauna. Until we found Tutor Doctor, my tween daughter resisted getting tutoring help. Thank you for your great work!!!Frank M.