ACT Test Prep Tutoring

act test prep tutoring

We provide ACT test prep in Los Angeles, CA

ACT Test Prep Tutoring – A Smarter Way to Study

  • Our system analyzes your student’s initial full-length SAT test and tells us exactly which concepts to review in order to maximize your student’s score.

Online Support for Students

  • Our blended-learning system delivers instant online support. Every problem on every lesson and quiz has its own detailed video solution. That’s more than 67 hours of video solutions!

More Efficient Tutoring Sessions

  • Because assignments are graded and analyzed prior to the start of each tutoring session, we never waste time grading homework during a session. The result is a 20% improvement in tutoring efficiency!

Custom Online Quizzes

  • Our tutors create online quizzes that are 100% custom tailored to the needs of your student. Every question on on every quiz has been selected from our database of more than 2500 questions.

Real Results on Real Tests

  • While other companies inflate their results by using tests they wrote, we don’t play any of those games. Our system delivers industry-leading score improvements on real College Board SAT tests.

Progress Reports – in Your Inbox

  • We offer a number of email alerts to help you keep track of your student’s progress. Sign up for weekly progress reports and we’ll keep you in the loop, so you’ll know exactly how your student is doing in the course.


  • 12 two-hour, private 1-to-1 sessions with an experienced test preparation tutor at home or your preferred location
  • Comprehensive workbook with detailed strategies & homework solutions
  • 2-3 proctored practice tests (midway & final to gauge progress during the program)
  • Scored reports from practice tests with recommendations (by skill & sub-skill) for continued improvement
  • Continuous communication with parents regarding student’s progress & alert e-mails if assignments are overdue or of low score
  • 1-year access to online supplemental curriculum & 3000+ short (20-90 seconds) videos outlining solutions & strategies for ALL workbook questions
  • Powerful ACT workbook to address all 4 exam sections & essay


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Surprising Facts About The ACT:

  • ALL Universities accept the ACT
  • The ACT is considered the better measurement tool to gauge college readiness. It is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school whereas the SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. Additionally, the ACT also tests reasoning abilities via the Science Reasoning section.
  • You do NOT need a knowledge of Science in order to do well on the science portion—this section tests your reasoning skills, and is more like the SAT.
  • In most cases, it is easier and quicker to raise ACT scores because the test is basically a review of what students have been learning for 11 years in school.
  • The most important factors in college admission: GPA 45%, ACT exam 45%, Other 10% (volunteering, school activities, sports, etc…).
  • ACT score determines how much scholarship money will be awarded.

Not sure which test is right for you?

act-vs-sat-bannerTutor Doctor provides FREE ACT vs SAT diagnostic exams to determine which test would best be appropriate for your student’s success. Getting into college is competitive, therefore, we will make sure your student is taking the test that best maximizes their potential to do well, score high, and get admitted into the college of their dreams.

Tutor Doctor Los Angeles provides EXCELLENT 1-to-1 & classroom based ACT test preparation programs! Our students have achieved significant score increases on these exams.

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