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We have a proven track record & a results-based program developed over years of practice. Created by our Academic Advisors, teachers, and Education Consultants, our process will relieve your stress and empower your students to be independent, critical thinkers!

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Now you can sit back and let us guide you through our comprehensive tutoring program.Tutor Doctor Academic advisors don't just send you a tutor, their expertise and unique approach to consulting and tutoring means you're in good hands. We've got this.


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Tutor Doctor's expert Academic Advisors are there for you every step of the way. Including joining you on parent-teacher conferences and back to school nights. We partner throughout our local community in order to best understand our student's needs at home when tutoring. Our tutors can align to common core curriculum as well as teach outside-of-the-box.


Tutor Doctor tutors

Tutor Doctor tutors go through a rigorous three-step onboarding process before joining our roster. Tutors partner with our Academic Advisors to create a team around your student. Tutors are background-checked, screened, degreed, and experienced. Most important of all, Tutor Doctor tutors follow our executive skills model to make sure their students are able to develop independence throughout the process.


Our tutors cover all ages and grade levels, Pre-school through adult, for common core math, pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus 1, calculus 2, calculus 3, Linear Algebra, English, language arts, literature, reading, spelling, writing, grammar, social studies, world history, US History, psychology, sociology, anthropology, chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, lab, biology, microbiology, oceanography, and many more!

Schools in Studio City where our students attend:

  • Carpenter Community Charter School

  • Bridges Academy

  • Campbell Hall School

  • Rio Vista Elementary School

  • Walter Reed Middle School

  • Oakwood School

  • Dixie Canyon Avenue Elementary School

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