Memory Class


What is Memory Class?Memory class

An interactive, energetic, and innovative adventure in promoting neuron rejuvenation of the brain and reducing the effects of age-related cognitive delay that typically occurs by the age of 50.

Memory Classes Work!

Major universities have conducted a memory fitness program for participants over 80 years old. After 12 one-hour sessions, participants’ ability to recall names, words and other facts increased by 80%.

Who benefits from Memory Class?

Anybody age 30 and above!
According to a study done by Stanford University, more than 50% of Americans over the age of 65 are likely to experience impaired capacity to recall even simple names and numbers; 76% of Americans starting as early as age 30, suffer from “Senior Moments,” including memory lapses and decreased alertness.

5f8a2627-d9de-4262-b68e-4a448cbef629What We Teach

We create a “Memory Toolbox” to help participants retain names, words, lists and numbers in their short term memory. Each session is devoted to activities and exercises pertaining to the five elements proven to reduce memory loss. These elements are Mental Activity, Physical Activity, Proper Nutrition, Communal Interaction and Stress Reduction. Our classes are creative, innovative and fun for participants.


What do our memory class customers say about us?

Kimberly teaches a Memory Training class for my residents at the Olive Plaza Senior Apartments and it is one of our most treasured and successful events! Not only does she demonstrate patience and kindness, but her classes are full of energy and fun! Our peeps never feel as though they are being “tutored” – just having a party! 

– Jessa Freemyer, Olive Plaza Senior Apartments, Burbank, CA


Dianne  is a true professional! Dianne has tutored our residents here at Atria Tarzana for many years. I know everyone including myself as the activity director, love having Dianne here at our community every week. She is extremely caring, helpful, and great at what she does. She helps residents with mind-stimulating activities and challenges you to go to new limits. She is the best and deserves more than 5 stars!

– Rafi Rafat, Atria Senior Living, Tarzana, CA