Our Tutoring Programs


TUTOR DOCTOR is on a mission to provide your school and your students with access to the best educational support services and tutoring programs:

  • Workshops – We offer complimentary workshops within a multitude of topics & areas.

FAFSA – The entire financial aid process made simple and easy.

College Applications and Admissions – Craft a glowing application and create a strong personal statement.

Common Core – New curriculum with new standards; we can break it down for everyone, including administration, students, parents, and teachers.

Executive Skills and Time Management – We teach students how to better organize themselves through effective study habits and routines that help them become independent, critical thinkers.

STEM Activities – We provide fun and engaging activities on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics) related programs to show students how science plays a role in the world and what careers are available to them.

Staff-TrainingStaff Training and Workshops – We provide staff training on any educational- related material. Using our expert educators, we provide presentations on a myriad of services to help improve the work dynamics at your facility.

  • FREE Test Proctoring – We offer free on-site test proctoring for ACT and SAT exams. We also evaluate and provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the results.
  • Private Counseling/Education Consulting – Our team of consultants provide assessments and holistic evaluations to all students in order to understand underlying issues and concerns that prevent them from attaining academic and personal success.
  • After School Tutoring Programs – We supplement and provide one-on-one tutoring, as well as group tutoring sessions, for any number of students. We ensure that all students receive the proper focus and attention that they deserve.