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What questions do I ask when interviewing a tutor?


Are you in the process of hiring a private tutor? If the answer is "Yes" then you've avoided the first major mistake of hiring a private tutor. Why? Because you have a process!


So many parents we meet simply picked the lowest quoted price or the really smart high-school kid down the street.


If you're hiring a tutor yourself, the wrong decision can result in a waste of time and lead you nowhere. Before you commit, here are the best questions to ask your tutor during an interview:


Elimination round [Phone]


Even if the resume gives you all the information below, always double-check the following in a conversation. If the first seven answers don't match what you're looking for, go fish.

  1. Do you have any prior tutoring experience?   
  2. What cities do you service? 
  3. What grade levels/subjects do you tutor? 
  4. How much do you charge per hour? 
  5. What is your availability? 
  6. Do you come to the house? 
  7. How long of a commitment can you make? 


Valuation round [Phone]


Make sure the answers to these questions aren't shallow. You want to get a sense that this tutor cares about her students, and understands their needs and how to approach the solutions. If these stories don't move you and have you nodding your head and smiling, then go fish.

  1. Can you share a memorable tutoring moment or student? 
  2. What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome as a tutor and how did you do it? 
  3. How do you motivate a student who doesn't want to put in the effort? 


Pre-Interview [Phone]

Your potential tutor is almost at your door, but the following things should be in place before you use your valuable time meeting a tutor in person.

  1. Do you have a background check/ Can you get one? 
  2. Do you require a contract or up-front payment of any sort? 
  3. What type of billing cycle should we expect? [Per session, per week, per month?] 
  4. Do you have a Drivers license or ID? 
  5. Are you allergic to dogs/cats? 


These questions in this order will save you time, and save you a headache! Most importantly, they'll save you from picking the wrong tutor.


Interview [In Person]


This one's easy, since you got all the details out of the way, you can relax and get to know each other through a conversation rather than a barrage of questions. Rather than doing that, as the tutor to teach you something. If she can teach you a concept from your child's grade level, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident, you've got a winner.


The Tutor Doctor program


It can be overwhelming to find a trusted, in-home tutor who is the right blend of fun, focus, and experience. That's where we come in. Our Academic Advisors have filtered through the resumes for you and gone through a three-step onboarding and orientation process. Plus, you can invite your local Burbank Tutor Doctor Academic Advisor with you to parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school night, or sponsor a local school event.


We wish you the best of luck finding your tutor and are here to help you with a free consultation and in-home assessment. If you'd rather us take the wheel, we'll even match your student with a qualified tutor who will work together with us to implement our program.

Our students attend the following schools in Burbank:

  • Burbank High School

  • John Burroughs High School

  • Joaquin Miller Elementary School

  • Walt Disney Elementary School

  • Ralph Emerson Elementary School

  • David Starr Jordan Middle School

  • Luther Burbank Middle School

  • Providencia Elementary School

  • St. Robert Bellarmine Elementary School

  • Brighton Hall

  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School

  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

  • R. L. Stevenson Elementary School

  • John Muir Middle School

  • George Washington Elementary School

  • Bret Harte Elementary School

  • William Mckinley Elementary School

  • Saint Francis Xavier School

  • Burbank Montessori Academy

  • LycĂ©e International de Los Angeles

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