Student working on homework

Tutoring is NOT the real solution

    I can’t stress this enough to parents and students. Tutoring will NOT solve your problems in school or at home. Below are some of the problems students have and the real solutions that tutoring can help to implement.    Problem: “I have too much homework, and not enough time.” Solution: Most likely, procrastination and lack of focus[…]

College Counselor Evelyn

Surprising truth every parent should know about college admissions 

A low GPA or SAT/ACT score should not stop you from pursuing your college dreams! Many parents we meet tell us that their child has given up on attending a four-year university due to a low GPA or a low SAT/ACT score. Some students believe their only route to a four-year degree is through a[…]

Summer Projects for Teens

4 Summer Projects Your Teen Will Love (perfect for college apps!)

4 Summer projects your teen will love (perfect for college apps!) Is your teen planning on just “hanging out” this summer? If so, the below projects will not only keep them busy, but they will inspire and motivate some major creativity. These fun projects can be done solo or with friends and, best of all,[…]

New Grad Job Hunting

Ten Things Every New Grad Needs To Know About Job Hunting

Ten Things Every New Grad Needs To Know About Job Hunting by Liz Ryan If you’ve just graduated from college, congratulations! That’s a huge accomplishment! You may feel a mix of emotions: pride, exhaustion, sadness at leaving your school and your friends, hopefulness, and uncertainty about the future. Unless you’ve accepted a job offer before you left campus, you might[…]

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Final Exams

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Final Exams

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FINAL EXAMS: 17 FINALS TIPS TO THRIVE, NOT JUST SURVIVE THIS FINALS SEASON Happy finals week! Or, well, not so happy. If it’s the last few weeks of your semester, then you know what I’m talking about – this is the season where college students collectively lose their minds. But not[…]

The Secret to Extraordinary Success

Principal Shahe Reveals the Secret to Extraordinary Success Principal Shahe hadn’t read the pre-written questions I had emailed him the day before our interview. “I understand, you’re busy, not a lot of time to read emails,” I say as I pull them up on my screen. “No, no. I didn’t want to,” he replies as[…]

3 Steps that kill procrastination (Spring break projects)

3 Steps that kill procrastination (Spring break projects) OK, it’s Spring break and according to your child, his teacher decided to take revenge on her class by assigning a complicated project due the first day back. Procrastination If your child is anything like the students I’ve met this past week, he is doing everything possible[…]

Master the 5-paragraph essay (using colors)

Many students we meet often struggle to write essays. Usually, they have brilliant ideas and lots to write about, but they’re just not entirely sure how to put it all together. Not knowing how to organize an essay makes writing one feel so overwhelming that many students get stuck staring at a blank page as time races[…]

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