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Asadour Tarakchian, MBA, CLS | CEO

Our Team - Asadour

Asadour “Ace” wears multiple hats within many industries such as healthcare, wholesale distribution, research, and education, to name a few. Hailed from humble beginnings, he has onerously worked his way to the hearts of many who have come to know him. His empathy and passion for helping others make him a great leader. He strives to make the individuals surrounding him successful and wishes to bring the same determination to Tutor Doctor and everyone he serves. Asadour wants to bring back the love and thirst for knowledge to all individuals and to rid the fear that students get for the unknown. As CEO of Tutor Doctor, he brings his expertise and experience to provide the best educational service you can imagine.

When he’s not running a business, he works with his non-profit organizations to bring healthcare and wellness to the under-served community.

He also happens to be a huge dork…

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Yulia Rafailova, Senior Academic Advisor

Our Team - Yulianna

Yulia joined Tutor Doctor in 2011 as an English Tutor and shortly after embraced her role as the office’s Education Consultant. Yulia has evaluated and coached thousands of students ranging in grades from pre-school to college. Her unique academic evaluations are absolutely free, and she travels to meet families anywhere in the San Fernando Valley or LA. The goal of these free sessions is to teach students and their families the best habits and skills they can practice for success. After the evaluation, Yulia connects parents with a hand-selected, tutor who helps their student reach his or her goals and become an independent learner.

Yulia’s greatest passion is to spark curiosity and the love of education in every child and adult she meets. She enjoys reading, drawing, and documentaries about everything!

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Marianne Ticer, Administrative Director

Our Team - Marianne

Marianne joined the Tutor Doctor team in 2011 to help manage Tutor Doctor’s growing database. When the students started pouring in, she designed and implemented new systems and administrative operations that made sure each and every family received the smooth and personalized service they enjoy today. Marianne manages the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the Accounting/Finance, Operations, & HR Departments. As well as carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the company policies.

Marianne biggest joy is being a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She is passionate about children’s issues and spends a great deal of her time as an advocate and volunteering.

Our Tutors — Ready to Help

We have over 100 tutors all throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Let us match the right one for your student’s needs. We personally interview and screen all of our tutors to ensure they meet our high standards of character, desire to make a difference and qualifications. We hire teachers, subject specialists, and special education instructors. Our tutors have criminal record checks, reference checks, an orientation to the Tutor Doctor method, and ongoing accountability and support.

Tutors are matched to students based on individual academic needs, personality, learning style, and geography. We also recognize that having an academic impact on a student is only one of the areas our tutors can really help their students. For some students, having a strong mentor that helps them love learning, gives them confidence, and teaches study and organizational skills is the key to increased motivation and commitment to learning. For other students, it is having a tutor that can explain things in a way that really makes sense to them.

Making the right match can make all the difference for a student, so we strive to find the “magic match” for you!

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